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Welcome to GoSaveTax.com. We are just starting with a blog dedicated to saving Income Tax India, other taxes, tax saving investments, in short your personal finance guide.

Albert Einstein once said,

“The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax.”.

Perhaps it is still true. Income Taxes in any country in the world are complex to an extent to common people. Particulary more so in a vast country like India. May be that is one of the reasons that percentage tax payers in India is among lowest in the world at 1.5% of nearly 1.31 billion population pay taxes. Even more miniscule number of people (2.4 million) people have declared an income in excess of ₹10 million and above. As stated above, the complexity of taxing structure, lack of awareness about provisions of the Income Tax Act are one of the major reasons for this. On our part we will be happy to help you on whatever questions you may encounter in filing your tax return, saving taxes, claiming exemptions and deductions and even planning tax saving investments and other investments for better microeconomic management of your personal finance which belive could provide the country with much better macroeconomic stability.

Happy reading!

Bharath Kumar.

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